Import JSON to update a language


is there a possibility to read in a JSON file or something like this to update some enumeration data types? I want to create a model in that I describe a system. And each component of the system has a Jira-Key. Now my idea is following:

  1. read out all Jira keys (I have a solution for this)
  2. update an enum in my language
  3. rebuild the language automatically
  4. choose one of the imported Jira keys in the enum

Is this possible with MPS? What do I need for this? I have a solution for the first point. I read all keys out and store this in a JSON file. But now I need this information in my language.

I hope somebody can help me.

Best regards,


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Hi Malte, of course you can use an appropriate JSON-library and then use the data to manipulate the language model. If you want to use the console, you can write basically any code in a class and execute the desired method with the parameters needed.

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Hi Kemal, thank you for your answer. Is there a description like a tutorial for this? I didn't find something and I am very interested in this.


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