i want export multi language from mps

I created a language with MPS and I want to output three Java, TypeScript and Swift languages from it.
What I want to do is have a generaor for Java and two text generator for the other two languages.
How can I do this, because the output of the text generator does not give me

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Hi Ehsan,

You should look at the VoiceMenu Demo for MPS vaclav/voicemenu, it has declared a language and can be exported in several formats. The way this is done by creating a 'dummy' language for each target output that extends your base language and providing generator implementations in each of the dummy languages that outputs to your desired language. Then a generation plan is used to fork the generator for each target language. You might want to look at the Plain Text Gen plugin for TypeScript and Swift if you don't want to define concepts for each of the languages, it lets you use the standard model-to-model generators, but for generating text

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i use com.dsl.foundry.plantextgen plugin and solve my problem


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