Problem with intention chaning the edior context

I am trying to achieve something similar to multiple projections sample. However when I defined the context editor and the intention "ViewAsTabular". 

I have the following problems:

1. When the user types in 'tabular' explicitly the editor is not being updated. In the sample it is.

2. When I do something like this:

    -> Change the first element editor to tabular (I have a collection of concepts each of having this editor)

   -> Change the second element editor to tabular; -> The first element is back to structural with the presentation property not updated to structural (remaining tabular)


My intention looks similar to one from the sample (I added only lines in reading to update the presentation property):

I want to have the editor to be updated when the user types in tabular without using intention - how to achieve it?

I want the first editor to save its state and be not dependent on the second concept (when it was toggled to tabular it should remain the same when I change the second one).

I think this is connected with the updater - meaning line: 



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