Possibilities of deleting Reference

Hello there,
I have a concept where I can choose an participant which is either already declined or create a new participant from the menu like this:

When I click add party it creates a new participant and it references this new participant to my clause concept. I put the Read only to false so you can type the name of the participant in the clause concept and it would automatically change in the participant concept like this:

What I want is that if I "delete" the participant in the clause concept by simply deleting all the Letters the participant concept which was created and the reference should also be deleted. When I currently delete all the letters it gives me something like this:

I want the participant + the reference deleted. How do I fix this?
Thanks in advance

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You are approaching MPS with a database mindset when thinking of cascading deletes. MPS is more of an editor than a database and you would be swimming upstream if you tried to make it work like a database. After all, you don't have methods in a Java class deleted when you delete calls to them.

Perhaps something like being able to both define a party inline or reference a party that is already defined elsewhere would suit you here? https://specificlanguages.com/articles/patterns/inline-definitions/


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