Mapping to Solidity?

Is there a way to map my language into Solidity? Solidity is currently supported by IntelliJ but is there a way to use Solidity as my target language for mapping? Thanks in advance.


IntelliJ plugins are about parsing code, turning it from a string into a tree of nodes. You want to go in the other direction, to convert your MPS nodes into text. IntelliJ plugins won't help you with that. You have to implement the Solidity language (and generating it to text) in MPS yourself.

A couple of students inquired on the MPS Slack about Solidity at the beginning of the year (e.g. Perhaps you could join forces with them or make use of what they wrote.


So from my understanding of reading through this I have 2 options here:
1. Implement Solidity to MPS and generate it to text by myself or
2. use plaintextgen to create a model to text conversion is that correct?

So for me to go from my language model to a .sol file I would like to use the paintextgen plugin to create a .sol file from my model. is that possible without implementing solidity to mps?


Yes, it is possible, with plaintextgen you can generate whatever text you like.


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