Change Presentation of references in code completion menu

Hi MPS Pro´s,

i jkust realized that the presentation in link constraints is deprecated (also mentioned in the docu). However, an alternative strategy is not suggested.


I tried to give the ListScope a different name resolution. Still, that does not change the names displayed in the code completion menu. How should i handle this reqirement in a proper editor manner?





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Hello Daniel,

there are two options:

1. Override the getPresentation() method of PageConclusion

2. Define a default substitute menu for PageConclusionReference, define a "reference action" and override the matching text and/or the visible matching text values.

BTW, the editor overs a "reference presentation" cell that uses the presentation used in the completion menu and thus you avoid duplication of the presentation definition.

Best regards,



Thanks Vaclav,

changing the getPresentation() of PageConclusion did the job. Initially i changed the getPresentation() of PageConclusionReference - but of course, that concept is not instantiated at the time the code completion comes to live. .. it directly the PageConclusion i should have focussed on... 





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