mbeddr grammar.optional cell behaves differently in a vertical grid after update to MPS 2021

In a project I work on, we recently updated from MPS 2020 to 2021. After the update we noticed that editors which use optional cells inside of a vertical grid no longer behave as expected - the content is no longer formatted in columns.

The old, expected behaviour:


The new behaviour:

I did some investigating of my own and it seems like there is an additional collection in the cell hierarchy (although the editor definition is exactly the same), which I believe might be causing this issue:

Is there a way to restore the old behaviour?

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Sorry for the response delay. This is most likely due to this additional cell as you found out, I however can't reproduce / locate the issue locally, is it possible to have a look at the editor definition for that sample?

By optional cell, do you mean adding a condition on a cell or is it a specific kind of cell not provided by default with MPS? (grammar cells?)


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