node factories only applicable to "own" language concepts


im building a service component which consists also of baselang.InstanceMethodDeclarations. I have to do a bit of a setup to the InstanceMethodDeclaration and wondered if a node factory would be the right place for the setup. However, the scope of "applicable Concept" in node factories are restricted as the screenshot shows ...


My lang is extending the baselang. How can i set up new InstanceMethodDeclarations when within my service component concept?



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Hi Daniel,

yes, node factories can only be defined for concepts from the corresponding language.

You have two options:

1. Utilize the "element factory" property of the containing editor collection cell to instantiate and initialize new nodes of the InstanceMethodDeclaration concept as soon as they are inserted into the collection.

2. Create and use a sub-concept of InstanceMethodDeclaration in your language and use node factories the way you intended.

Best regards,




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