Build solution error

Hey, i want to build a solution but i get the following error.

i found out the reason for that is, that i need to add a dependency to my build solution. i read that i need to add to it, but whenever i try to do that it just won't show up.

i have already added plaintextgen to my language solution and i think i am just missing the step to add but it just won't show up. why is it not showing up and am i missing something?

if you want to have a quick look you can do that here:


There isn't a, it's part of MPS extensions build ( If you don't see that, you need to use MPS extensions as a project library, not as a plugin in your MPS.


Thank you Sergej,
I added MPS extensions as a project library and i am able to see (see the screenshots). I added it to both the solution and the model.

The error that was there before is still there and i reloaded modules from the disk already but this does not help. What else do i have to do to make it work? See the error message:


i also added de.itemis.extensions and plaintextgen to the dependencies in the build model like this:
i can now build the file and the error is gone. was that all i needed to do or is there something else that needs to be added?


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